Thursday, April 30, 2009

Resources for learning about building frames

Little Fish Framebuilding Tutorial

A few scans of Richard Talbot's 1979 book, Designing and Building Your Own Frameset: An Illustrated Guide for the Amateur Bicycle Builder
Talbot is a classic, long out of print. I have a xeroxed copy. I can make further xeroxes on request.

When I started out, Little Fish and the Talbot book were my main guides.

There's also Tim Paterek's book

General info:
Rants from Don Ferris, Anvil Bikes

Rapha Continental interviews builders, 2009
Richard Sachs: How Frames Are Made mountains of photos
Richard Sachs' flickr

Track/Fixie, polished stainless galore:
Moyer Cycles' flickr
Jonny Cycles' flickr

Fillet Brazed Tourer
Birth of Clockwork

Creative machinist builds a frame jig, frame, makes his own tools
NW Cycle Machine

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